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The Friends of the Ridgeway is a registered charity (No 1107926). We are a voluntary organisation set up in 1982 to preserve and maintain the special nature of the Ridgeway National Trail, mainly in response to its abuse west of the Thames by off-road vehicles. Although we have had a lot of success in this respect, vehicles on the Ridgeway are a recurring problem and remain a focus of our attention. We collaborate with other organisations, such as the Wiltshire and Oxfordshire Councils’ departments that deal with rights of way, the police and the British Horse Society to maintain safe places for us all to enjoy. We work with the Ridgeway Partnership and others to promote its value to the whole community as an essential part of everyone’s life and heritage. We represent any concerns about the Ridgeway to those responsible for its maintenance. We also raise funds for maintenance of the Trail by the Ridgeway Partnership.

The Ridgeway is more than a walking trail – it is a historic monument, an artistic inspiration, a natural environment and more. We seek to engage people living near to and using the Ridgeway in activities that spread knowledge and appreciation of its wealth of historic, artistic and environmental features.

Our other main objective is to work with other associations, councils and well-wishers to create a coast-to-coast path from Lyme Regis in Dorset to Hunstanton in north Norfolk. We have called this path the Great Chalk Way, as it faithfully follows the chalk ridge that spans the entire width of southern England. It is also thought to be England’s oldest path, having been used as a link between places of historic occupation for thousands of years, and is sometimes referred to as the Ancient Ridgeway.

We consider the Great Chalk Way to be a family of long-distance paths, which link the Ridgeway National Trail (87 miles long) to the east coast in Norfolk by way of the Icknield Way (110 miles long) and Peddars Way (49 miles long); and to the south coast in Dorset by way of the Sarsen Way via Salisbury and the Cranborne Droves Way (51 miles long) and 66 miles of the Wessex Ridgeway. Like the Ridgeway, the Peddars Way is a National Trail.

We established the Swire Ridgeway Arts Prize, an annual competition, in order to bring the Ridgeway to life as an artistic inspiration, and to show the Ridgeway, its history and environs, in all their aspects throughout all seasons.

As a registered Charity the Friends have raised significant amounts of funding for projects, mainly those undertaken by the Ridgeway Partnership, to improve its facilities, but also including the Oxford Plant Sciences Department Project.

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The Friends of The Ridgeway is a registered charity (No 1107926). We rely on the support of our members and from donations. We are committed to preserving the spirit of the Ridgeway.

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