In this autumn’s newsletter we look at a lot of the things that have happened or got underway on the Ridgeway National Trail in the last three months. For starters, over 70 people converged on Coombe Hill, Bucks, at the end of September to celebrate the Trail’s 50th anniversary.

Ridgeway Officer Sarah Wrights has recently unveiled another Ridgeway ‘50’, namely the Ridgeway 50 Photos. This project is funded by Arts Council England and involves professional photographer Matt Writtle to inspire contributions, especially from young people.

Archaeologist Dan Bashford explains what he’ll be doing as manager of a new initiative funded by Historic England: the Historic Ridgeway Project.

The Ridgeway Partnership is working to improve the lot of cyclists and horse riders on the Ridgeway north of the Thames. Still in equestrian mode, Janice Bridger describes Alison Elmer’s journey on horseback along the Ridgeway in the North Wessex Downs and the Chiltern Areas of Outstanding National Beauty.


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