By the Way

These pages are devoted to the people who use and value The Ridgeway, and to those people and communities who live along and near it, and whose way of life and history the path has often helped to shape.

Here you will find much that is ordinary and mundane, much also that is comic and curious, whimsical and practical, fascinating and ephemeral.

You can re-visit here some of your favourite articles reprinted from the Newsletter or, with permission, from the Press.  You can trace absorbing byways of history and legend, or explore theories of pre-history and the foot-prints of lost societies.

Please also take a look at the photo gallery to see views of the Ridgeway. You are also invited to send us your own photos for inclusion on the site — see Contact Us.

As this section develops we will be trying to sort content roughly by the categories below, but you are likely to find many anomalies and red herrings, which we hope you will find serendipitous and forgive!

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