Honeystreet to Casterley Camp


Start: Kennet & Avon canal bridge, Honeystreet (SU 105 616)

End: Casterley Camp car park (SU 112 536)  

Distance: 12¼ km (7½ miles)

Turn right (east) under the bridge and follow the tow path for about 1.4km to the second bridge over the canal and then turn right on the track to Woodborough. Turn right and then left in the village before turning right on the main road to the nicely named Free Trade, where the road crosses the railway.  There is a café in the garden centre.  Cross the railway and turn right through Bottlesford, passing the Seven Stars pub.  At a cross roads go straight ahead for a short distance before turning left on a bridleway which quickly leads to another road.  Turn left towards Hilcott and then right on the Wilsford Road, which you follow for 1.5km.  Although road walking, the scenery is pleasant and the road not busy.

On reaching Cuttenham Farm, the road turns right but you go straight ahead on a bridleway which you follow to Combe Cottage.  Cross the busy A342 with care and go straight up the track ahead, climbing on to Salisbury Plain.  The views back are worth turning round to admire, with the Alton Barnes White Horse a feature.  On reaching the edge of the plateau turn left for about 1.8km to Casterley Camp.  In dry weather the wide grassy area is good walking but if very wet the military track offers an easier alternative.  Take heed of the warning signs and the red flags – Salisbury Plain is an active firing range with lots of unexploded ordnance so keep to the designated public areas.