Netheravon to Amesbury


Start: Netheravon High Street (SU 147 490)

End: Amesbury River Avon car park (SU 112 536)

Distance: 9½ km (6 miles)

Continue down the High Street until you reach a junction of three roads.  To the right is the Dog and Gun pub on the A345 but unless in need of refreshment, you fork left and cross the Avon again.  Follow the road to Choulston Farm where you head through a gate on a marked footpath across a field, passing a sewage works in your left until you reach a gate and join a minor road.  Turn right along it and then right again with the sign for Figheldean.  After about 200m, turn left up a track through the trees and then right on another track that winds through the back of the village past allotments and the backs of houses.  Go straight ahead at a minor road and then to the left of the village hall and recreation centre.  

This path leads into Ablington and to a minor road where you turn right for a very short distance, before turning left on a track through the farm buildings.  As the track curves left, turn right on a grassy and often muddy path through the trees.  Keep ahead across the drive to an impressive house and again across a tank track.  The path crosses a field and then goes between houses in the village of Brigmerston.  Turn right on the minor road for a short distance and then turn left on a footpath that goes across two fields with stiles. Turn right at the lane and then leave it on a footpath on the left as the lane swings right.  A pretty path crosses the Avon twice through woods and then joins a small lane past two thatched cottages.  As the lane curves left, go right on a path through the trees above the river.  Cross a stile and bear right through a large field to another stile, where you pick up a clear track along the field edge that leads into Bulford.  Cross the main road by the church and go through a gate and over a small footbridge, then bearing right.  Cross a stile, and follow the right hand field edge then over a stile onto a surfaced track.  Look out for a narrow footpath on the left through trees.  This opens out onto a surfaced track.  Pass under prominent power lines and go ahead to Ratfyn.  Turn left on a surfaced track, then right for the footbridge over the busy A303.  Keep ahead on the High Street through the town of Amesbury.  Cross the A345 and the River Avon, until the minor road turns right.  You leave it with signs for parking and you have finished this stage when you reach it.